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What is your Earthsticks Story? November 27 2016, 39 Comments

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Itchy Dog June 14 2016, 1 Comment

If your dog is suffering from itchy skin problems.  There are a couple of things to try before getting drugs from the vet. First, try regular coconut oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil mixed in and apply to the hot areas. There are other essential oils that may be helpful, but introduce one at a time to make sure that the dog is not allergic to the oils.  Next, take a look at the dog's food. The artificial colors, flavors and preservatives can all be potential allergens. Consider changing to a more natural food. If your dog is bathed or groomed regularly, switch to a more gentle shampoo, maybe a castile soap. If you have had success with your dog's allergy problems, please post!

Welcome to Earth Sticks! April 18 2014, 2 Comments

Hello and welcome to Earth Sticks! Congratulations for taking control over what you use in and on your body. We have been inundated by chemicals and artificial ingredients. These ingredients are sending our immune systems into a tailspin! We are not designed to handle so many types of chemicals without some sort of physical backlash. The goal of Earth Sticks is to provide the highest quality, all-natural products that really work to solve common problems, without chemicals! Please let us know how Earth Sticks have helped you!